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Cartes mortuaires Robitaille

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In many family photo albums, people have kept these funeral cards collected over the years and painful events,

Depending on the era, the format of the cards varied. The most common form these days is

a colored keepsake bookmark given to relatives and friends of the deceased.

Recent bookmarks are tangible memories of people we have known, that we rubbed shoulders with. On the other hand, very frequently, one can also by a simple search on the web find the complete obituary of the deceased person with many details, photo and testimonies. The web is now an important crutch of our memory.

Antique cards are sometimes the only concrete trace of the passage of an elder on this earth. Such caqrds often include a rare photo of the missing person and also record the name of the spouse, sometimes the evocation of children, sometimes the circumstances of death. In short, these old funeral cards are of great historical and genealogical value and, too often, these old cards disappear over the generations.

When cleaning up the old papers of Grandma Gertrude or Uncle Léon, the children have nothing to do with the old cards found in the memory box and these cards end up in the recycling with the old telephone bills. and recipes cut from the gazette.

If you find old Robitaille funeral cards, if you have some in your memory box, the Robitaille Family Association is greatly interested in keeping track of them for the benefit of the entire extended family, to perpetuate their memory.

What cards are we interested in?

  • The cards of people who have borne the name Robitaille and those of their spouses
  • As a priority, cards issued before the year 2000

How to proceed?

  • If you have a scanner, make a color image at 300 dpi in jpg format for each card
  • No scanner? Opt for a digital camera or smart phone.
  • In any case, limit yourself to one card per photo, please.
  • Always check if the back of the card contains relevant information and do not hesitate to scan both sides of the card
  • Clearly name the resulting files to avoid confusion,

Send your findings by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

If you want to get rid of your old cards, send them to us by mail!