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<Translation by David Robitaille of Vancouver>

The oldest document containing the name of Nicolas is the placet(a request to the King) that is kept in the Clairambault Collection in the Manuscript Department of the National Library of France. The document tells us that Jean, Nicolas, Marc, and Noël Robitaille had requested passage to America by ship. We know that Jean and Nicolas crossed the Atlantic, but Marc and Noël certainly did not come because their names never appear in our registers.

On November 24, 1670, Nicolas Robitaille signed a contract before the notary Gilles Rageot for a concession of land in L'Ancienne-Lorette in the Seigneury of Gaudardville. His brothers, Jean and Pierre, signed at the same time.

We have no further trace of Nicolas, except for his signature on the sales contract for Jean’s house which Jean sold to his brother Pierre. The contract was signed on November 23, 1693 before the notary François Genaple. The document makes reference to their brother, Nicolas, who is returning to France. The text is as follows :

"Et au moyen de la Cession abandoner et Transport qui luy a été fait de pareille quantité de terre atenant par Nicolas Robitaille leur frère, en s'en allant en France, par un simple accord entre Eux…"

The fact of his departure from New France is confirmed in a proclamation issued to Jean Robitaille by the Intendant M. Raudot on January 18, 1710. The document states that :

"the said Robitaille will have all of the said lands surveyed along with the other three he owns: to wit, one which was granted to him on November 24, 1670 and the two others that he has acquired from his brothers Nicolas and Jean. "

The original text is as follows:

"led. Robitaille fera arpenter toutes lesd. terres et les trois autres qu'il possède Sçavoir une a luy accordée le 24e novembre 1670 et les deux autres qu'il a acquises de nicolas et jean robitaille ses frères…"

So Nicolas did not stay in North America. He returned to France and left his concession to his brothers Jean and Pierre.