From the very beginning, the Association has published a newsletter called Les Robitailleries. This newsletter is sent to all valid members of the Association.

Since 2017, the newsletter is produced in electronic format (PDF file) and sent to the members by e-mail. 

A list of the front page of the most recent issues is available on-line. 

Furthermore, the Association is slowly making available for free the older issues of the Newsletter. 

Starting in spring 2017 (#87), the newsletter is produced both in English and in French. Up until then it was partly bilingual. 

Our Heritage

To mark visibly passing and contribution of Robitaille's in society, the Association has worked to pose significant milestones in various locations in the region of Quebec.

First, in 1993, a Robitaille Park was built on the site of the ancestral land. In this park, an impressive memorial was erected.

In 1995, in L'Ancienne-Lorette, a commemorative Plaque was affixed to a monument near the church.

In 2003, the Association has developed a new monument in honor of Théodore Robitaille, Lieutenant Governor.