A Word from the President - Autumn 2012

Dear members,

It is with great pleasure that I agreed to return to the Board of directors of our Association after five years. Furthermore, since the presidency had not been filled, the other members of the Board made me the honour of suggesting my name for the position.

To support me in this endeavour, Marc Robitaille will be our vice-president and Paul Robitaille and Micheline Dusseault will be treasurer and secretary of the Board, respectively. The following directors are also on the Board: Diane Robitaille-Brisson, Louise Robitaille-Roy, Marjolaine Michaud, Pierre Robitaille and René Robitaille (of St-Lambert). Our commanders, Claire, Nicole, René (of Québec) and Gaston, will continue to provide wise council and take on special mandates from the Board.


The upcoming year is an important one for our Association as we will be celebrating its 25th anniversary and the 20 th anniversary of the of the unveiling of our monument in Parc Robitaille. We will set up a committee to plan the 2013 celebrations and I hope a good number of you will volunteer. We will keep you posted in future issues of Les Robitailleries.

Succession planning is a subject dear to my heart. Numerous members of the Board have been volunteering for a long time and it is becoming difficult to replace those who must leave. If you feel like joining a dynamic team and committing to the future of your Association, you are most welcome.

Another concern of mine is the stagnating number of members. We have been at around 180 members for a number of years and the average age is getting higher which means we do not recruit young members. I urge you to talk about the Association around you and to invite younger Robitaille relatives to our activities so that they get interested in joining.

We were saddened by the death of Léonard Robitaille, our Abitibi-region representative. He was a dedicated member and we hope to find someone to continue ensuring visibility for the Association in the region. We also want to recognize the good work done by Paul Robitaille, our representative in the United States; he regularly updates us on his search for Robitaille descendants south of the border.

If you hold a family reunion, please let us know and send us a brief article with photographs, if possible, so we can share it with our readerbership. The Board members can also attend your regional reunions and even help you organise them. It would be a great way to reach out to other Robitaille relatives and invite them to become members of our great family.

I wish us all a year full of exciting events and I hope to hear from you.

Your president,

Florent Robitaille