A Word from the President - Fall 2020

Hello dear members

Our year 2020 is ending soon and without regrets but with a lot of hope. We realized that our existence can change quickly and that a vaccine can partly regulate the way we live together. There will still be lessons to be learned from this experience.

Despite all the constraints of this virus and the loss of our main editor René, your association will continue to produce a newsletter for you as long as we have your support. The renewal of your membership in the association and your participation in the various articles help us greatly in maintaining the Robitailleries. Our big and beautiful family needs your stories to share in order to make our newspaper interesting.

We digitize articles that we send to you by internet as regularly as possible and a paper magazine gathering all the articles. We will be updating our membership list in early January and hope you will join us for 2021. We hope that we can offer you activities in the next year as we look forward to seeing you.

Marc Robitaille, President