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Hello dear members,

We are pleased to send you our newsletter "Les Robitailleries" thanks to Jean who publishes interesting and well-researched topics related to the Robitaille families. We are always looking for 

old photographs with comments if possible. The Robitaille families have stories to tell and it is up to you to help us discover them. We are aging and as memory is a faculty that forgets, our family heritage loses witnesses year after year, taking away their stories which makes it more precious.

As we lose a few members each year and recruitment is rather slow, help us to maintain our association with your encouragement, a little recruitment and your memories.

We are aware that a collective action is necessary to maintain our Association and its survival depends on our collective effort. Our general assembly is held on June 11 at the Maizerets estate and if possible we would appreciate your presence.

Thank you and have a good summer.

Marc Robitaille, President