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Hello loyal members,

The year 2022 is already coming to an end and we have the impression that we have not taken up everything lost because of the pandemic. We had lots of projects and future achievements but this very involuntary moment set the record straight. All opportunities to travel, to go to the restaurant, to make cultural or sporting outings were modified or canceled. The recession was

invited in the resumption of activities to slow us down but also to realize that many people live a difficult period for various reasons.

We have several members who live in their families health, loneliness and life reorganization problems. Let’s be united particularly in our families in order to contact parents, friends from whom you haven't heard for a while.

We are a family association and we quickly realize this need to communicate with our close or remote entourage thanks to all this technology. Why deprive yourself of it ... Take time to chat with those around you, it's good for morale.

The board of directors wishes you a merry Christmas as well as a happy new year hoping to meet you at our activities.

Marc Robitaille, President