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Hello loyal members,

A new year has begun with great hope that near-normal life will return.

Some received a 4th dose of vaccine to hopefully reduce the risk of contamination or, at least, reduce the effects of the virus. As we are an at-risk clientele, let's make sure to take the appropriate precautions because the Association cares about you. Unfortunately, during the revision of our lists to renew the membership cards, we find that some have left us. However, since the average age of these missing members is over 90, we have to accept the inevitable. More than ever, recruitment is the best way to support our Association.

We always want to inform you and maintain a family bond with you, but your support is always greatly appreciated. Give us avenues of research in order to prepare articles that will interest you and thus maintain your interest in our newsletter.

Our general meeting will be held on June 5, 2022. We always appreciate meeting you there to chat. 

Marc Robitaille, President