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L'Association des familles Robitaille is proud to welcome you to its official web site.

Our goal is to explain where the Robitaille family comes from and what are its particularities, specially in North America.

We hope that our Association and specially this web site will be an great opportunity to make rewarding and meaningful contact.

Check our calendar of activities. Take a look at our newsletter Les Robitailleries and its archive collection.

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  • History

    The Robitailles settled in North America in 1670. The ancestors came from Artois in the north of France.

    In this section, we explore the origins of our name, we meet with the first setlers ins th New World and we visit some of our patrimonial sites.

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    ArmoriesA description of our Association, its goals, its structure and other relevant info.

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    Frequently Asked Questions about :

    • Our Association
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